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Are You A Manager Or An Entrepreneur Trying To Gain Back Your Precious Time?

I help you automate your business processes so you can save time on repetitive tasks, reduce the overwhelm of the team, and increase conversion & retention rates.

From Sales & Marketing to customer support and reporting, I’ve got you covered! 

Discover the 5-step process I follow to help businesses make the most out of No-Code Automation:

Some of my clients:

Does this sound painfully familiar to you?


You did not have the right foundation – or the right support – when you did the initial account setup and now you find yourself paying for features you do not use at their full potential.


Your processes are very manual and involve a high number of repetitive and tedious tasks. You feel like there’s something you can automate but don’t know where to start. 


You have a serious lack of visibility in your pipeline and don’t have a reliable tracking system to have an overview of what is happening in your business.


You are constantly switching between too many tools because you don’t have a single source of truth for your prospects and customers.

As a result, you always feel things are falling through the cracks and that you’re missing opportunities.

You might have already tried this:

You asked your “tech guy” to connect everything up but for him, it was just a side business and he didn’t provide any ongoing support.

Your marketing company helped you with web design, but they were not able to offer an end-to-end solution to integrate your website and fully automate your business processes.

You binge-watched tutorials on the internet that were NEVER precisely what you were looking for, and you realized that Automation requires time and expertise you don’t want to invest. After all, you have a business to run!

One of your employees tried to learn how to set everything up. However, the other work started to pile up, and they he couldn’t keep up with the demands of implementing Business Automation to its full potential.

Why is it difficult to find the right person to help you?

“I even hired a freelancer on [name of the online platform] but I feel like I’m doing most of the work”

I hear this all the time.

Business Automation is a discipline that has been developing over the last few years and that involves both strategic and technical knowledge. 

That’s exactly the problem: 

Usually, people have either strategic knowledge about the process (e.g. Sales and Marketing) OR tech knowledge about the tools. 

Not both!

That’s why you need a Business Automation Consultant by your side!

A Business Automation Consultant is a specialist who works as your “project manager”, connecting you to your departments, your systems, and your business automations.  

Learn just enough to use the tools and leave the technicalities behind!

Watch the video to learn more about the 7 fundamental activities that a consultant needs to do to help you in the best way:

Why haven’t you achieved your goals yet?


Free trainings show you where the buttons are and what they do. They provide you with an overall picture of what the features are but they don’t explain how to adapt the tool to your specific business scenario.


Generalist web agencies – usually – do a basic setup, often just “technical” that does not allow you to unlock your business’ full potential. They do not offer an end-to-end solution.


As I already mentioned above, nowadays it’s difficult to find professionals that have both strategic knowledge about the processes and technical knowledge about the tools. You need somebody that is able to support you in connecting the dots.

In all these cases, they don’t delve into your business processes and don’t go deep into understanding how to improve overall efficiency.

That’s because their main focus it’s not Business Automation and therefore they don’t have the time to do it.

Moreover, people often make a serious mistake when they approach this topic:

They modify the strategy to fit the tool rather than using the tool to support the strategy.

And that’s why they end up opening the software and clicking all the buttons without having clear ideas of what the tool should do.

Working with me instead …

Ciao, I’m Oscar

In addition to the technical setting, I support you at the strategic level to understand how to make the most out of your tech stack.

A tool, in the end, it’s just a tool that should support your business strategy, the one that ultimately makes a difference.

For this very reason, I work with a few clients at a time to tailor ActiveCampaign and your tech stack to your business needs.

Do you want to be the next success story?

Fill out the application form to work with me.

How I can help you:

Implementation Service

Are you looking for someone that can help you shorten the implementation process?

I support you in the design and implementation.

The 1st step is my Audit & Analysis phase which includes:

Defining the current and desired situation
Mapping out the processes
Defining the best tech stack to use
Discovering B.A. opportunities

Current investment required for the Audit & Analysis phase: €2.500

Monthly Management

I help you with the management of your system so you can focus on the core activities.

I can help you in the following ways:

Account maintenance
CRM management
Technical documentation

Coaching Program

Do you want to learn more about how Business Automation and ActiveCampaign can help you?

The coaching program includes:

I guide you in the learning journey to understand B.A. potential
I help you save time when trying to understand how to tailor your tech stack to your needs
I help you discover automation opportunities for your business scenario

Download my guide to discover the 5-step process I follow to help managers and entrepreneurs achieve results ASAP

Discover my 5-step process

What you'll find in my Business Automation guide:


Why Business Automation?


How Automation can help you save time, reduce overwhelm and increase conversions and retention rate


My 5-step process to help you achieve results faster


A case study of one of my service-based clients


Practical examples of what processes you can automate

Marketing by

Case Studies:

“Thanks to Oscar we saved ~30% of the time we used to spend on repetitive tasks… while improving our conversions and retention rates”

– Kathy Morrison

👉Kathy’s Music is a large music school in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) founded in 1978. It has 800+ students and 40+ teachers and offers private lessons, group lessons and Kindermusik lessons.

How did I support it?
In the automation of several business processes using ActiveCampaign and other tools.

🎯Accomplished results:
-Automation of Sales, Marketing and Operations;

-Increase of the follow-up speed and efficiency;

-Decrease of the time spent on repetitive tasks and increase of the time dedicated to students and potential students.

Kathy Morrison

Owner of Kathy’s Music

👉Piano Central Studio is a large music school in Greenville (South Carolina) founded in 1979. It has 800+ students and 40+ teachers and offers private lessons, group lessons and Kindermusik lessons.

How did I support it?
In the automation of several business processes using ActiveCampaign and other tools.

🎯Accomplished results:
-Automation of Sales, Marketing and Operations;

-Increase of the follow-up speed and efficiency;

-Decrease of the time spent on repetitive tasks and increase of the time dedicated to students and potential students.

Theresa Case

Business Owner at PCS

👉Mapadore is a Saas company recognized by Gartner and cited by Il Sole 24 Ore that enhances the Salesforce CRM. It consists of digital assistants that combine artificial intelligence with geolocation to help sales organisations optimizing costs and increase revenues.

How did I support it?
In the design of a marketing ecosystem and in the implementation of marketing automation.


🎯Accomplished results:
-First demos booked through the website;
-First clients obtained through online channels;
-Website completely lead generation-oriented;
-Marketing-oriented content.

Fabrizio Bosio

CEO of Mapadore

👉Startup Commons Global is an international consulting company that supports institutions and organizations to better understand the world of innovation.

How did I support it?
In the implementation of marketing automation strategies to launch their e-learning portal.

🎯Accomplished results:
-20k of revenues generated in the first months of launch;
-Ideation & implementation of an online marketing ecosystem;
-Implementation of the marketing automation strategy.

Valto Loikkanen

CEO of Startup Commons

“Oscar was able to propose different options to solve our issues and offer an end-to-end solution”

– Valto Loikkanen

Main tools I use:

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