Are you considering automating your processes and would like to learn more about its potential impact on your business?

Get A Personalized Preview Of How You Can Streamline Your Processes With My 1-on-1 Coaching Program.

If you are tired of wasting valuable time on low-level tasks and feeling overwhelmed by inefficient processes…
you’re in the right place!



This probably sounds painfully familiar to you:

Your processes such as Sales & Marketing involve too many manual tasks and that leads to a huge waste of time on low-level activities.



Your team members are overwhelmed because they constantly have to switch between many tools, as you don’t have a single source of truth for your prospects and customers.

You’ve heard about “automation” and would like to learn more about it and about the possibilities for your business scenario.



You have a serious visibility problem in your pipeline and don’t have a reliable way to track how leads are proceeding.

All of this leads to missed opportunities and lost revenue.

That’s why you are considering streamlining your processes to be able to focus on high-level activities. 

However, before embarking on such a project you might want to learn more about it:

You’d like to learn more about what is possible to do in your specific scenario.

You’d like a preview of the impact on your productivity and revenue.

You’d like to understand if it makes sense for you.

You’d like to have a cost-benefit comparison.

You’d like to brainstorm on how to tailor No-Code tools to your needs.

You’d like to have an expert opinion about your current tech stack and systems.

Streamline Your Processes and Focus on High-Level Activities with Expert Guidance.

To help managers and entrepreneurs optimize their time and reduce overwhelm when evaluating Business Automation, I tailored a coaching program to help them understand the full potential of Automation.

Why my Coaching Program?

The program is structured to make the most out of your time so you can learn more about Automation and have a preview of the benefits for your business.

Drawing on my experience working with multiple companies, I help you to look at your processes through a different lens.

Unlike generalist agencies and freelancers, who lack specialized expertise in Automation, I bring a laser-focused approach that’s tailored to your specific needs.


6 one-on-one coaching calls

to understand what can be done in your specific scenario and get a preview of the impact on your business.

Structure of your CRM database. How to create a single source of truth and how to make it “scalable” so you don’t end up with dozens of useless tags, lists, and fields.

Marketing process. How to streamline marketing operations and make the most out of your tech stack.

Sales process. How to connect your sales team to your marketing and coordinate it efficiently so you can save time and reduce the overwhelm.

How to automate other processes such as onboarding of new customers, support, etc… to improve Customer Experience and increase retention rate.

Reporting process. How to save time on updating spreadsheets and creating reports so you can focus on more valuable activities.

All of this with No-Code tools like ActiveCampaign, Zapier, Tidio, ClickSend, and others.

What some of my clients say:

Theresa Case

“It was very insightful to start to look at my own processes through a different lens”

“I ended up with a product that was exactly what I needed!”

Kathy Morrison

“We met once a week to define the desired situation we wanted for our processes” 

“After some research, Oscar would get back to me with options on how we could solve those issues”

From this coaching program you’ll get:

Overview of what is possible to do in your specific scenario

Overview of the impact Business Automation can have on your business

Overview of costs-benefits

Final report with my recommendations tailored to your needs

Investment: 1500

Money-back Guarantee

I believe that my Coaching Program can truly help you understand Business Automation opportunities and the benefits for your business.

If you are not satisfied after the 3rd coaching session, you will receive a full refund.

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