ActiveCampaign Implementation: 3 Reasons Why You Should Outsource It

Dec 8, 2021

Are you using ActiveCampaign in your business and feel stuck?

In this article you’ll find 3 reasons why you should outsource its implementation.

I know, you probably find yourself in one of the following situations:

A) You’re the owner of a small business and after an initial sprint, you’ve realised that implementing the sales & marketing automation properly requires time.

A lot of time! 

For this reason, you feel overwhelmed and you’re losing focus.

“If I just had 3 entire weeks to focus only on it…”

You’ve probably said it many times.

B) You’re the owner/manager of a SME and a member of your team has been in charge of it. Again, after an initial sprint, he/she has realised that the work started to pile up and for this reason, didn’t have the time to implement it at its full potential.

“In the end, this is not even my job. I’ve got other things to do…”

I’m sure you’ve heard this.

In both cases, your projects are progressing much slower than you expected and it probably causes a lot of frustration in you.

No matter if you are using ActiveCampaign or a similar tool, outsourcing the implementation of this powerful asset could be a good idea for your business and in this article you find three reasons to do it.

1) Speed of implementation:

How much does your time cost?

How much money does your business leave on the table if you don’t implement your strategies fast enough?

How many opportunities are you missing?

When it comes to entrepreneurship, buying time and knowledge is the best investment you can make.

The ideation & implementation, in fact, can take a lot of time and to get an idea you can find here the example of the process that I follow to help my clients to implement Sales Automation.

Having by your side a person that can guide you through the process will make you go faster.

2) It’s not only about the technicalities, you need an entrepreneurial person to collaborate with:

The strategy comes first, period.

You can invest a huge amount of hours trying to implement sophisticated automation with a lot of integrations but if you don’t have the right foundations it won’t work.

An example?

Instead of wasting X hours on implementing an evergreen webinar you could just buy the right software and set it up in 20 mins (e.g. Everwebinar).

Then, you can focus on WHAT to say in it, WHO should be watching it and HOW to craft your offer.

That will make the difference.

Always make sure that:

  • You’re talking to the right person
  • You have the right offer
  • You’ve chosen the right moment and the right words

To do so, you need a person like you, with an entrepreneurial mindset and a problem-solving attitude.

3) Improvement of your productivity

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, with so many projects in mind and no energy or time to do anything?

Outsourcing increases your productivity because you get to focus on developing your business and on understanding the way to achieve your goals.

Imagine you have an idea for a new funnel or a business process.

With the right person by your side, you can build & test it in a much shorter period of time.

You need a Digital Project Manager!

When it comes to the implementation of sales & marketing automation, being a T-shaped person is fundamental because you need to connect many different parts such as online advertising, copywriting, strategy, database structuring, sales, analysis & reporting, and so on. 

For this reason, you need a Digital Project Manager that has the knowledge to communicate with different members of your team and can put together all the pieces of the puzzle.

In the last years I helped several SMEs to make the most out of sales & marketing automation through digital project management services.

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Autor: Oscar Di Pasquale

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