ActiveCampaign Implementation: The 2 Things You Need to Map Out in Your Business

What are the 2 things you need to map out in your business when it comes to Sales & Marketing Automation with ActiveCampaign?

If you are an entrepreneur or a manager that wants to automate business processes or wants to improve what’s already in place, this blog post can be useful for you.

Mapping out is something that I always recommend to my clients: 

  • Businesses that start from scratch and want to know the best practices in order to start off on the right foot
  • Businesses that have something already in place and want to improve it

But first, why do you need to do that?

  • To improve your processes.  Once you have a clear overview of the functioning you can understand how to improve what you have. In case you are implementing from scratch, mapping out can help you to clarify your ideas about what you want to implement and how.
  • Scalability: If you map out these 2 things, your team is aligned and new team members donโ€™t waste time trying to connect the dots. They know what they should do and how everything works.

So, what are these 2 things that you need to map out?

  1. Map out how the system works from a technical point of view.

You need to map out all the tools involved in the process and how they are connected together.

This is useful because the more tools you use, the more chances you have to get lost and after some time you donโ€™t remember how everything works.

I suggest using Funnelytics or Miro. 

  1. Map out the internal procedures.

Your team must have written procedures that explain what to do in every possible scenario. This is useful especially for the process where your team needs to enter some data into the CRM.

I suggest writing a manual where you explain in detail the procedures and creating a flowchart that summarizes everything and gives an overall view of all the possible scenarios.

Mapping out your processes is also the 1st step of my guide “9+1 Steps to Implement Sales Automation in Your Business and Coordinate Better Your Sales & Marketing Teams”

You can find it here:

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